Jill Farrell Opticians is one of Munster’s leading independent optician practices. A native of Castletownroache, Jill is a highly trained and experienced professional Optometrist with over twenty-five years’ experience.

We ensure that our practise is one hundred per cent focused on providing top-class eye care through personal service and ensuring we have the latest technologies. Through our knowledge and expertise, it is our mission to make sure you are wearing the right glasses that will be the most comfortable, surpass all your visual demands, and maintain excellent eye health.

Jill Farrell Opticians utilises leading cutting-edge technologies. We use an advanced OCT scanning machine & retinal camera which provides a comprehensive eye scan for people of all ages. Jill being one of the first opticians to acquire an OCT scanner trained in the UK in retinal & ocular media analysis using the OCT. These machines can diagnose and monitor many conditions such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. By using cutting edge diagnostic technology, Jill can pick-up problems earlier, and get them seen to immediately. This means better and more reassuring eye tests for you.

Jill ensures to keeps her expertise up to date. Her most recent achievement is in ‘Acute Eye Care for Ireland’ (MECS OSCE). This allows Jill to offer the service for acute emergencies in eye care. This is where foreign bodies can be removes from a person’s eyes, to save a trip to A&E in a lot of cases. Jill has advanced her research and knowledge in Retinal & Diabetic Retinopathy studies. She continues to take referrals for Slit-lamp examination for Diabetics.

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Jill Farrell

F.A.O.I (Optometrist)

Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre
Gouldshill, Mallow, Co. Cork