With so many different types of contact lenses available, it can be confusing. The best lenses are always the one prescribed for your eyes.

  • The healthiest (your wearing schedule and lens material)
  • The most convenient (daily disposable versus monthly)
  • The most comfortable (better moisture and breathability, reducing dryness, any irritation or redness)
  • The most cost effective (we have reduced our contact lens prices across the board)
  • The best at correcting all aspects of your vision (astigmatism or a need for reading correction)
  • Why not try contact lenses if you have never worn them before?

Keep your eyes healthy: Even if you’ve been wearing contact lenses for years, remember that ongoing healthy vision depends on having regular eye health check-ups with us. Working on a computer all day can play havoc with your eyes, particularly as a contact lens wearer, sometimes resulting in tired, dry, reddish eyes. There are revolutionary new contact lenses on the market offering huge additional comfort and benefits. Let Jill suggest the best lenses for you so we can keep your eyes fresh and comfortable whether you are in front of a computer, on the golf course, in the gym or enjoying a night out!

Deciding what suits your life best: Let Jill help you to decide if your current contact lenses are still the best option for you. Almost anyone can wear contact lenses, but exactly which ones are best for your eyes, your lifestyle and your visual requirements? And always remember it is essential not to over wear your contact lenses as this can be detrimental to your eyes. You must alternate between your contact lenses and specs to give your eyes a breather!

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Jill Farrell

F.A.O.I (Optometrist)

Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre
Gouldshill, Mallow, Co. Cork